What’s in your Bookmarks?

by Blackstone Media on Nov 19, 2008

So I was looking through my bookmarks at work and decided that some of this stuff may be useful to others. Of course, I never really used any of them after the first time I bookmarked them, but they were important enough to bookmark at the time so maybe you will find them useful as well.

For convenience I will set the links to open in a new window, so you can close them and come back to the blog.

Javascript: Form Validation I don’t even remember bookmarking this or using it. Asp.Net has built in validation controls so I really don’t have a use for this but maybe some of you designers or PHP programmers might find this useful.

PHP Paypal Integration Class This was very helpful on a php site I had to do a paypal checkout for, if only the LinkPoint integration had gone so easy.

PHP MS SQL Server Functions This was invaluable on the same php project as above. I know that typically with PHP you would use a MySql database, but if you ever find yourself with an MS Sql Server DB and using PHP code you will find this extremely useful.

Regex Examples/Tutorials If you don’t know what regular expressions are then this is probably not for you, but if you ever find yourself validating a form you will probably want to know some of this. After you’ve read through the above link, then you can be lazy and go here to use other people’s hard work. This site is a library of tested regular expressions to validate everything from email addresses to canadian postal codes. The site is a little spammy, but the search works and so do the expressions. This is one of the few sites in my bookmarks that I do use on a regular basis.

HTML Special Characters Ever typed a < or a > in your webpage somewhere only to find that it was gobbled up by the browser? Or even worse that it borked the page entirely? Well here’s a list of codes to type to get those symbols to show up and more! ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ As a programmer some of my favs are &#34; and &#39;

The Most basic Lightbox ever? Yeah I know it’s not pretty, but it definitely gets the job done, and there is far less JS than the more fancy versions.

AjaxLoad.Info Looking for that perfect loading animation? This site generates a variety of styles and colors.

Simple Javascrip Accordion I haven’t used this but it is very pretty compared to the instant jump you get when I program the javascript.

Simple Javascript Smooth Scroll This works with the script above. Smooth scrolling for your named anchors. Again, I haven’t used this but it is much prettier than the normal jumping of named anchors.

Liquid 3 Column CSS Layout Good example of css. I changed it a bit when I used it, but it’s still good reference.

CSS Menu Maker! I don’t remember bookmarking or even using this, but it looks pretty sweet. Anything that makes you code less is cool with me. Copy and paste for the win.

Outsmarting Google Toolbar I just found this tonight. It seems to be a topic of debate, whether or not to override the yellow form fields that google toolbar forces on your website. The way I look at it is… Most people probably don’t even know why those fields are showing up yellow. (I know I didn’t) So lets just override it. I chose the complete CSS method. (why use javascript when you don’t need it?)

The rest of the links are Asp.Net related. Most of you will probably not need, or want, to check them out. I will post them anyway, cause I think we should all be .Net developers. It’s the wave of the future, grab your boogie board!

ASP.NET User Controls I’ve just recently started using this feature of .Net, and let me say it’s probably the best feature I’ve run into yet. It’s like an include file you can pass variables to, and it will handle programming events and methods as well. It’s just a really nice tool to have. It’s nice to have one control for your navigation menu and be able to pass it a value for the current page so that it will highlight the proper link. It makes updating the menu much easier too. This is just an example, user controls can be used for many other things as well.

4GuysFromRolla I actually have about 4 links from this site, and I’ve probably read about 20-30 of their articles. If you ever search google for an issue and the second link is to this site, but the first is to the MSDN, skip the MSDN and go to 4Guys. They have helped me out more than any other site.

ScottGu – How to run a Root Site with the Local Web Server using VS2005+ The other day this post helped me forget a headache I’ve been having since I started .Net development. This tip/trick fixed all my relative link issues I had when testing a site on my localhost.

Asp.Net Cookies Everything I know about cookies I learned from here. Not saying I know much about cookies, but this helped me the few times I’ve had to use them.

Asp.Net Forums If there was even an issue in .Net it was probably posted here. I find the solutions to most of my issues here if I can’t find them at 4GuysFromRolla.

Well that’s it for this time, maybe I’ll do this again next time I clean out my bookmarks.

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