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Episode 38: Mobile Gaming & In-Game Advertising

Steve, Rich and Amber discuss mobile advertising through gaming and also mobile gaming as well.  It was funny when we brought this topic up internally both Amber and Rich said they don’t really play games on their phones. The Stats According to MediaBrix, an ad network for mobile and social gaming, said that video ads […]

2014: The Year of Mobile Coupons

So who hasn’t heard of the TLC show Extreme Couponing? The show is about shoppers who make extensive and focused use of coupons to save money while accumulating large quantities of goods. You might be wondering why this is beneficial to manufactures and stores. A coupon can convince a consumer to try a new product and become a repeat customer or it could persuade the customer to switch brands. The show began airing in 2011, but that wasn’t the start of the coupon craze.