Monthly Archives: July 2014

Vine vs. Instagram

Vine launched January 2013 and allows users to create and post 6 second videos. These videos play on a continuous loop in your newsfeed. Vine is owned by Twitter and currently has 20 million users. With Vine you create your video by holding down on the screen when you want to record and letting go when you want to stop. Then you have the ability to review your video and then choose how you want to share it.

Podcast-How Virtual Machines like Vagrant Help Developers Program

Developing on Vagrant Virtual Machines Developers who operate on a Mac or a Windows PC that develop websites hosted on a Lennox box or other large scale server know that it’s a challenge to develop on a machine that it won’t actually run on.  This is where Vagrant, a virtual machine box provider software, can […]

Podcast-Sons of the American Revolution – Application Module

Sons of the American Revolution Steven Von Gerlachter and Chris Flynn discuss the Sons of the American Revolution Application Module. Sons of the American Revolution is similar to, only it’s for ancestors of patriots of the American Revolution.  Sons of the American Revolution started off as a dot net project, but it turned into a […]