Monthly Archives: December 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Client Services Team (12/30/16)

In most instances, Blackstone Media’s Client Services team serves as the main source of communication between agency and client. Always there to answer questions, provide updates on progress, and ensure projects are going according to plan, the members of this team are the backbone of each and every piece of work that comes through Blackstone’s […]

The Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

With 2016 coming to an end, we are ushering in a new year and a slew of new online marketing ideas. This year, digital marketing teams have taken note of which tools worked, which goods flopped, and which emerging medias are ready to take the marketing world by storm. As a digital marketing company, it […]

Top 5 Fridays: Design Team (12/16/16)

The Blackstone Design Team is always striving to create experiences that are equal parts attractive, intuitive, and functional. This is no easy task, as evidenced by many of the arguments made in the proceeding five articles. Fortunately, however, that challenge is very often what motivates and drives the best designers to create their best work. […]

CEO Taylor Trusty Talks Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s been on the forefront of many minds the last two years. With advancements in hardware and software, VR can now help replicate even the most intricate environments—real or imaginary— and create sensory experiences far beyond the basic audio/visual realm it has previously been confined within. Smell, touch, and in […]

Top 5 Fridays: Marketing Team (12/09/16)

An ever-expanding client base with increasingly diverse needs means that every day is a new challenge for our Marketing Team…not that they’re complaining! In fact, it actually helps to ensure things around the office never become too redundant. Though each member of the team has a distinctive job title, their day-to-day roles routinely coalesce, requiring […]

Blackstone Takes Home Silver Davey Award!

Hey! Thanks for the high-five! We’re super excited to have won a Silver Davey Award for our work on the Toyota Material Handling, USA, in the Websites—Manufacturing division. The 12th Annual Davey Awards honors the best in web, design, video, advertising, mobile and social media from small agencies around the world. A sanctioned partner of […]

Top 5 Fridays: Leadership Team (12/02/16)

After several months of revolving the Top 5 Fridays spotlight around our Marketing, Design, Development, and Client Services teams, we’ve decided it would be a great idea to let our Leadership Team enter the rotation. Despite being unfairly outnumbered by our other multi-member teams, the two individuals who fill the company’s critical leadership roles do […]