Monthly Archives: May 2017

SEO for Images, Auditing Content & More!

The only thing more exciting than seeing how far SEO and digital marketing have come is looking forward to how far they might go. After all, how much more interactive can social media marketing possibly get? How much more intuitive can targeted ads become? And to what extent will digital marketers continue to play a […]

Top 5 Fridays: Future Tech, Leading Teams, and More!

When you’re working at a digital agency, keeping up with almost half a dozen departments is no easy task…but someone’s got to do it! Fortunately, here at Blackstone Media, that ‘someone’ is actually two people. Technology has made it easy for CEO Taylor Trusty to keep in touch with each team 24/7 all the way from […]

Top 5 Fridays: Overcoming Networking Fears, Asking Clients Better Questions, and More!

At any modern agency, digital or otherwise, you’ll find that the client services team plays a huge role in keeping things on track. It’s a lot of responsibility to make sure that projects are always moving along smoothly so deadlines are met, but someone’s got to do it! Clear and efficient communication skills definitely help […]

Top 5 Fridays: Developer Microinteractions, Web Animation Tools, and More!

It’s a challenge staying up to date in the world of development. Languages evolve (or die), tools get updated (or replaced), and trends go just as fast as they came. As a best practice, it’s wise not to get too attached to anything; after all, you never know what’s going to stick. But experimentation? Well, […]

3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is So Important

Digital media marketing is so important nowadays. If your business isn’t constantly active on social media, for instance, there is a solid chance that you’ll end up losing a significant amount of business to your direct competitors until you join the online game. Here are a few additional reasons why social media marketing is so […]

Data Driven Design: Why it Matters

When it comes to design, data is quickly becoming as valuable a tool as Illustrator, InDesign, Wacom tablets, and design-centric computing software. However, the definition of data can be blurry. What is certain is that good data takes time to accumulate and that it is often a costly investment. That said, not all data is […]