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Model Changes in Client Services, Improving Written Communication & More!

To succeed in the client services industry, you have to be an efficient solver of problems, competent delegator of tasks, and proficient communicator of information. In short, you just need to know how to get things done – but you have to do so while making sure everyone’s happy, of course! There’s no doubt that […]

What Are Wireframes?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “digital design agency”? What does it look like? Not just the building, but the team itself. Who are the people you will be working with? Depending on its size, that design team could have five, ten, or even more members, each owning a highly specific role. […]

3 Rules Of Small Business Website Design

Small business owners often feel like they don’t have the supposed unlimited resources to devote to web design and digital marketing. But in this day and age, you can’t afford not to invest in an attractive and functional website. In fact, it’s one of the most effective forms of brand management and promotion there is. […]

The Design Team’s Thoughts on Design Systems, the Merits of Intuitive UX & More!

Our design team is the heartbeat of our entire creative process. Finding seemingly endless inspiration in everything around them, Ben, Maggie, Lindsey, and Ca never fail to impress with their knack for innovative ideas and creative solutions. It makes you stop and wonder where they get it from. Well, right here’s your answer! To round […]

Web Development Trends, Style Guides & More!

Everybody knows that web development trends change fast. Fortunately, that’s never been much of a problem here at Blackstone Media. As a company, we’re all about continuous research, continuous education, and continuous self-improvement, and there’s no team where that mentality is more applicable than with our developers. Here, we’ve collected another handful of articles related […]

Debunking Common Web Development Myths: Part 2

In the last post, we talked about some of the web development myths that continue to circulate within the web development industry and its clients. However, we barely scraped the surface — there are plenty of myths left to address to help you gain some basic knowledge and hire exactly who you need. Here are […]

Debunking Common Web Development Myths: Part 1

In this day and age, web development myths are everywhere. So, when it comes to web and software development, many small and medium-sized business owners have no idea where to start. But business owners have to be constantly adapting to the latest consumer trends in order to stay afloat, and digital marketing and website design […]