Monthly Archives: December 2017

Software Development, Voice API & More!

If you want to keep up in the fast-paced tech world, you’ll definitely benefit from having a natural penchant for puzzle solving. After all, the software development profession truly is more of a lifestyle than a traditional job—it’s a genuine hobby steeped in years of passion that just so happens to help with the bills. […]

Team Member Spotlight: Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

When it comes to keeping clients first, no one does it better than Blackstone’s Director of Accounts, Travis Triplett. He’s a pro at putting himself in our clients’ chair and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. With his insider knowledge of how our clients work and his tenacious work ethic, Travis has been […]

Full Stack Anxiety, Presenting Your Ideas & More!

It’s getting close to the end of the year, but things are staying busy around the office—especially for our designers! Still, they found enough time this past week to round up another five (actually, way more than five) articles to share for their Top 5 Fridays. Here’s your chance to get yet another look into […]