Monthly Archives: April 2018

Site Redesigns, Effective Navigation & More

Digital design trends come and go faster than most people can possibly keep up with. That can lead to a number of issues, especially since digital design teams often act as the creative heart of most digital agencies. Fortunately, Blackstone’s designers have no reservations about seeking and sharing new knowledge at all hours of the […]

Tweetcap: SEO in 2018 & Playing in Traffic Safely

Blackstone hosted a sellout Lunch & Learn where Jordan Daly and Nick Watkins — our team’s SEO legends — led attendees on a walk down SEO Lane.  Check out some of the highlights to their session!    Featured snippets & schemas – make sure you’re comfortable with how you’re presented in search and the content that […]

3 Aspects of Web Design You Will Want to Incorporate Into Your Site

There is a lot that goes into creating a successful website, and the quality of your website can ultimately make or break your company. Statistically, 46% of people cite web design as their primary criterion for determining the credibility of the company. In order to create a website that benefits your business, you will need […]

Team Member Spotlight: Eric Brown, FE Developer & Ops Specialist

A man of many talents, Eric Brown, Blackstone’s dual front-end dev and operations guru, is always schooling us with some tidbit of information to make our lives better—or just to blow our minds. Equally as attentive and educational to our clients, Eric is a fun guy to get to know. So, let’s see what he […]

Biggest SEO Myths & Misconceptions

Today there are a seemingly endless amount of SEO rules and guidelines out there for folks to follow. For most people, the fact that these rules and guidelines are always changing can make them seem nearly impossible to stay up with. To make matters even more complicated, many of the SEO practices that were once […]

Creating Killer Content and Better Blogs

The Blackstone marketing team had a lot on their minds this week, and, as you’ll see from this week’s selection of articles, most of it was about content, content, content! Here, you can see their thoughts on everything from smarter blogging to strategic site pagination to utilizing the right “voice” in your writing…and more! If […]

Smarter Entrepreneurship, Internet Revolutions & More!

For this week’s Top 5 Fridays, Blackstone’s leadership team of Taylor Trusty and Rebecca Brady came prepared with another batch of eclectic articles. From intriguing opinion pieces to helpful entrepreneurship advice to in-depth journalistic investigations, there’s no shortage of diversity this week. Check them out and take your pick after seeing what Taylor and Rebecca […]

Guide To Boosting Brand Awareness Through Social Media Engagement, Pt. 2

In the last post, we started to discuss how to effectively build your brand through strategic social media initiatives. In fact, content creation and management now claim the second-largest share of digital marketing budgets, and many are centered around social media. However, there are plenty more ways to boost company branding by executing all social […]

Your Guide To Creating A Great Brand Story On Social Media

With each post, tweet, and photo you’re telling your potential client base a story about who you are and what you stand for. Don’t waste an opportunity to tell them something great about yourself. Brand storytelling isn’t just some fad or a corporate buzzword — it’s part of the essential fabric of how people interact […]

Guide To Boosting Brand Awareness Through Social Media Engagement, Pt. 1

Companies spent, on average, 25% of total marketing budgets on digital in 2014. But that figure is projected to jump to 75% within the next five years. These budgets include funds for services such as SMM, web design, digital marketing optimization, and other online marketing techniques. However, many companies seem to underestimate the power of […]