Monthly Archives: September 2018

Leadership Philosophies, Team Motivation & More

What makes a great leader? From CEOs to managers to administrators, everyone has their own definition of what constitutes “great leadership.” But there’s also a lot of commonalities, no matter how different the industries. Here, you’ll find Blackstone’s team leaders’ thoughts on—you guessed it—team leadership! Read on to learn more about guiding principles, ideologies, and […]

Time Management Tips, Client Service Myths & More

Depending on your agency’s size, you could be busy servicing five clients, fifteen clients, or fifty clients. In any case, the key to effectiveness lies in your internal processes. You need to be careful about how you manage time, streamline communications, and handle any client service myths. Here, you’ll find five articles related to the […]

Digital Design Tips for SEO, Wireframing & More

Digital design is a highly collaborative process, and that’s definitely a good thing. After all, there are always new strategies, tactics, and trends to keep up with. Having a solid team to keep you up to date with these changes definitely helps. For all intents and purposes, you can think of our Digital Design Team […]