July 27, 2018

Agency Development, Productivity Boosting & More

Keeping things on track at a busy digital agency like Blackstone Media is no easy task. Fortunately, with the right tools in place and a great team behind you, awesome things can be accomplished, including consistent agency development and client satisfaction. Still, it never hurts to learn as much as you can as often as you can, and that’s something that Blackstone COO Rebecca Brady and CEO Taylor Trusty definitely have in common.

Shot of some of the trinkets in Blackstone COO Rebecca Brady's office, including a Beatles figure and a card saying "Let's Play Around with Some New Ideas".

With that said, in our latest Leadership-themed Top 5 Fridays, you shouldn’t be surprised to find another collection of interesting and informative articles related to varying aspects of leadership, entrepreneurship, agency development, and a whole lot more. So, wind down yet another hectic work week, look forward to a relaxing weekend-to-come, and check out what Taylor and Rebecca had to share!

1. 4 Steps to Boost Productivity and Stop Feeling So Busy
“Some great quotes and takeaways here. A personal favorite of mine is the line, ‘Being busy means having a lot to do, but it says nothing about the value of that work.’ After all, every working professional needs to find a way to separate ‘what’s actually important from what’s extra’ (another great quote) so they can prioritize accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll just drive yourself crazy…and no one wants to do that.”
-Rebecca Brady, COO

2. Leadership Conferences That Should Be On Your Radar In 2018
“This article’s from back in January, so a lot of these events have already passed, but there are still plenty of events that have yet to happen…which means LOTS of opportunities to get out there and network! From first-hand experience, I’ve consistently found that attending these sorts of things, no matter how large they are or where they’re located, are very much worth the investments of time. You never know who you’ll run into!”
-Rebecca Brady, COO

3. The Leader’s Calendar
“Killer HBR piece via @stevenhuey on how public CEO’s spend their time. ‘On average, the leaders in our study had 37 meetings of assorted lengths in any given week and spent 72% of their total work time in meetings.’ Great insights.”
-Taylor Trusty, CEO (from Twitter: @ttrusty)

4. There’s No ‘Perfect’ Age For Success In Entrepreneurship
“The old saying rings true: age ain’t nothing but a number! (thanks, Aaliyah!) Here’s why it’s never too early (or too late!) to start a company/business/agency that can accomplish some really great things, regardless of how old or young you are…and as far as starting a company YOUNG and carrying it on to future success, I must add that Blackstone is a perfect example of that!”
-Rebecca Brady, COO

5. The Agency Strategic and Business Development Plan
“Most agencies start by building their business off of referrals. But, at some point, planning and business development become imperative as well. I liked the tips and pointers featured in this article because no matter how far along your agency development process is at any given moment, there are always new tricks and tactics to master. Never stop learning!”
-Rebecca Brady, COO