November 10, 2017

Agency Leadership: Insights & Observations

You can’t have great agency leadership if you’re not serious about improving your skills. Fortunately, Blackstone Media CEO Taylor Trusty and COO Rebecca Brady are pretty committed to doing just that. Here, we’ve compiled five agency leadership-related articles that they shared with the Blackstone Media teams throughout this past week. From top CEO tips to public speaking advice, there are quite a few interesting pieces to skim through. So, take a moment and check out where Blackstone Media’s agency leadership team has been getting their inspiration as of late!

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1. The enormously popular CEO of LinkedIn shares the leadership advice he says could ‘change the game’
“A 97 percent approval rate on Glassdoor is nothing to scoff at – there’s a lot to learn from this type of leadership! And what a brilliant quote: ‘Inspire, empower, listen & appreciate. Practicing any one of these can improve employee engagement; mastering all four can change the game.’ Definitely something we should all aspire to.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

2. How This Entrepreneur Got Ahead by Screwing Up
“A great story told with candor and sincerity. Nobody wants to experience this sort of failure, but the point is that it’s virtually inevitable. Still, there are always silver linings to even the most difficult situations. And there’s yet another great quote here that I absolutely loved: ‘Solving the problem, or even proposing a solution, is often less important initially than acknowledging and validating the customer’s pain and anger’. There are so many agency leadership situations that this can be applied to.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

3. Myspace Looked Like It Was Back. Actually, It Was A Pawn In An Ad Fraud Scheme
“Latest storm clouds forming around rampant fraud in digital ad space. It’ll be interesting when this bubble pops.”
-Taylor Trusty, CEO (from Twitter: @ttrusty)

4. How to Be a C.E.O., From a Decade’s Worth of Them
“What an article! After interviewing 500+ executives throughout the years, Adam Bryant wrote a piece that’s brimming with insight. He paints a fascinating portrait of the CEO as a wholly unique type of person, one that’s hard to pigeonhole yet still shares three commonalities with peers: A love of curiosity, the desire to be challenged, and a serious work ethic.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

5. How to speak confidently in public: Virtuozo’s top public speaking tips
“Who doesn’t need some help with public speaking from time to time? Even the most confident people face anxiety when they’re five minutes from a big presentation. That’s why we constantly challenge our team (and ourselves) to improve their presentation and speaking skills as much as possible.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer