January 30, 2018

Battling Bounce Rate: Simple Web Design Tips for Keeping Customers

Any digital marketing company worth its salt can tell you that your online presence can—and usually will—make or break your business. However, what many companies don’t realize is that after creating a website, social media account, or any other digital media brand, it has to be appropriately designed and consistently cultivated with relevant, easy-to-find content.

When a customer accesses your website, they need to know what you do within three seconds. Beyond that, 40% of visitors will leave if they’re confused or if your page takes too long to load. A customer visiting one page of your site and then leaving before visiting another is what digital marketing companies call your “bounce rate,” and it is the bane of any webmaster’s existence. So today, you’re going to be getting some hopefully very informative website design tips that will help you in the constant battle against the bounce.

The Three-second Rule

If someone doesn’t know what you do as a business or how to contact you within three seconds, that customer is as good as gone. Simple web design and intuitive navigation are needed so that as soon as your page is accessed, visitors will know exactly what to do and where to go. No confusing navigation, no need for over complex menus. Just a simple place that says, “This is who we are, this is what we do, and this is how to contact us” in as few characters as possible.


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Lose the Doorman

Have you ever visited a site you think is going to be cool, then you’re barricaded by a prompt to subscribe? People don’t want to subscribe to something they don’t know yet. Don’t lose customers by plaguing their first foray into your website with a digital blockade (also known as “modal windows”). Instead, follow the three-second rule and have a designated area that offers them the opportunity to join your e-mailing list.

Another thing customers love is a free trial! So, when you’re introducing your product, offer a free trial if you can. This is an optimal way to have a customer join your email list and introduce your product. Two birds, one web design stone.

Update Your Content

It doesn’t matter how well designed your site is or how awesome your product is—if you don’t regularly update your site, content, and responsiveness, you will lose visitors. All digital marketing companies will tell you that blogging is a great way to do this because it’s informative, informal, and fun. Plus, regular updates also help boost your search rankings!

It’s rough out there for businesses in the digital marketplace competing with millions of other sites. When you’re building a platform to host your product, make sure people will not only want to visit but also stay to find out more. Don’t needlessly drive people away. No matter how awesome your ideas, products, or services are, the fact is that people are impatient. Put your key value proposition on display so no one forgets it. And in the meantime, keep an eye on your bounce rate in Google Analytics.

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