August 9, 2017

Blackstone Around the World

Work hard, play hard. It’s a cliché statement, but it’s also the best way to describe the culture at Blackstone Media. As a team, we all hope to never stop learning, discovering and improving ourselves both professionally and personally. Our travels have taken us across the world, and we thought we would share photos from some of our most recent adventures.

Jordan Daly – Caribbean Cruise
“We went on a family cruise with the whole family, babies, toddlers, adults and all. So between nap times, keeping kids entertained and staying sane, we managed to stop in 4 awesome locations throughout the Caribbean. St Thomas, and St. Maarten were picturesque beaches with some distinct international flair. For me, the highlight was simply the everyday people watching and the oceanside balcony that constantly reminded us that, even on a behemoth cruise ship, we are tiny in comparison to the vastness of the open ocean.” 


Nick Watkins – Europe
“After dreaming of going to Scandinavia since I was 12 (maybe even younger), I finally got the chance to make it happen this summer. We flew into Copenhagen, got us a rental car, and then spent the next nine days driving through Sweden and eventually making our way to Norway. Going that far north during the summer is a truly surreal experience due to the near-constant sunlight and perfectly autumn-esque weather, and it all made for one of the most beautiful and memorable weeks of my life. Fjords are really cool, too.” 


Ca Nguyen – Vietnam 
“Last December, I visited Vietnam after 7 years living in America. Besides going back to my hometown to catch up with friends and family, we visited 5 cities across the country. Touring and kayaking in Ha Long Bay was probably my favorite memory. It was an amazing experience to disconnect from the rest of the world and immerse in the breathtaking nature.” 


Lindsey Maymon – St. George Island, Florida
“We have been going to the St. George Island area for as long as I can remember. The trip consists of my mom’s side of the family (she is one of 5) packing into a private beach house for a week. We play all kinds of beach and drinking games, ride bikes, kayak, and try not to get super burnt. This year we played what we call frizz-beer, where you try to knock a beer bottle off its stand. We were having so much fun with it some of our beach neighbors asked to play a few games.” 


Maggie O’Connor – Puerto Rico
“We spent a week in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Rincón is typically known as a big surf destination, but the ocean is much calmer in June. The beaches weren’t crowded, and the water was great for snorkeling. We spent most of our time there laying on the sand and eating tostones. It was a wonderful trip!”


Taylor Trusty – Bolivia & Bahamas
“This past April, I spent two weeks in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. The highlight of the trip was visiting the Bolivian Salt Flats, the largest salt flats in the world. In the dry season, Salar de Uyuni is a special sight not to be missed. However, rain during February to April make it a totally different experience. As a thin sheet of water (a couple of inches) covers the flats, it reflects a perfect representation of the sky above so that it is impossible to tell where the sky ends and the land begins. This mirror effect has given rise to spectacular photo opportunities.”