September 18, 2014

BOLT Personality Assessment

Figuring out the personality types of your co-workers can have a laundry list of benefits.  Understanding the personality of a co-worker allows  you to communicate more effectively and work together better.  Blackstone Media recently had the opportunity to take the BOLT Personality Assessment with guest speaker, Stephanie Ringer.  The results were definitely surprising to some and also extremely helpful.  Before we get into the results of Blackstone Media’s BOLT Personality Assessment, let’s first discuss how the test works and what it means to be each animal.

Deciphering BOLT

BOLT is a cleverly built acronym that stands for Bull, Owl, Lamb and Tiger.  The idea here is to have four different animals whose reputations in the animal kingdom are representative of human personalities.  The BOLT Assessment is composed of four sections of personality characteristics that determine if you are a bull, owl, lamb or tiger.  Some characteristic examples from the assessment include mathematical, sensitive, fearless, optimistic, judgmental, indecisive, loves challenges, dreamer and many more.  You simply rate the characteristics from 1-4, with 1 being the least like you and 4 being the most like you, and tally each section.  The section with the highest point total determines what animal, or personality type, best fits you.  Each animal is unique in their own sense.  There is no particular animal you want to “strive” to be, it’s more of a matter of determining what personality type you already have. Here is a quick rundown, from the actual assessment, that explains what it means to be each animal:



  • Likes the bottom line – “Get to the point”
  • Fast to decide
  • Fast-paced
  • Neat type of messy
  • Results-oriented
  • Needs to control a situation
  • Prestige and status are more important than security
  • Likes challenges
  • Likes freedom from control
  • Business first, then social



  • Likes detail and full presentation from A to Z
  • Takes time to decide and is slow-paced
  • Very time conscious and early for appointments
  • No mistakes (yours or theirs)
  • Does not like over excitement and emotionalism
  • Security more important than prestige and status
  • Likes order and is more “neat neat”
  • Likes being alone, solitude
  • Business first, then social



  •  Be their friend, give direction, and show support
  •  Slow to decide and often change their minds (high buyer’s remorse)
  •  Slow-paced and is “messy type of neat”
  • Understands your mistakes and feels badly about their mistakes
  • Very emotional – avoids conflict
  • Security is more important than prestige and status
  • Wants protection and peace
  • Social first, then business



  • Not into details – prefers others to take care of the details
  • Fast to decide and is “messy messy”
  • Fast-paced and is often late for appointments
  • Loves recognition – emotional, likes excitement
  • Prestige and status are more important than security
  • Likes a challenge
  • Social relationships are important
  • Social first, then business

Blackstone Media’s Results

boardpic Blackstone Media had 16 employees that took the Bolt Assessment.  As expected, the results varied across the board.  Bull was the most popular personality type with six people. Tiger was a close runner-up with five people;  bull/tiger combination was next with three people, and both lamb and owl had two people. The good news from these results is that every personality type was identified at Blackstone Media.  This showed a variety of personalities and outlooks throughout the office.  After seeing the results and which personality type everyone had, there was a clearer understanding of how each individual person’s thought process worked and how you should go about interacting and communicating with that person on a daily basis.    

BOLT Outlook

As you can see from the descriptions above, each animal has different characteristics that help determine which type of personality you have.  It is important to understand that your work environment can include all four of these personality types.  We all know that everyone is different, but truly understanding someone’s personality allows you to know how you can work alongside and collaborate with that person.  For instance, lambs are more gentle in nature so you wouldn’t want to be aggressive or too face-paced with them. Bulls love to know the facts so be straightforward with them at all times.  Understanding each individual’s personality characteristics gives coworkers the ability to know how to approach someone, leading to even greater collaboration, amazing team dynamics and higher productivity levels.  Consider trying this assessment out at your workplace.  It could potentially change the entire outlook of your teammates.