February 2, 2018

Client Services Team: Planning for 2018!

Great service is a cornerstone of every successful business. After all,  let’s be honest—if your clients aren’t happy, then something isn’t adding up. But client services isn’t just about working efficiently with the clients. In fact, it’s every bit as important to have clear and consistent communication with your various coworkers from your various teams, as well. In a way, it’s really all about keeping everyone on the same page.

Travis Triplett, the Blackstone Client Services Team Director of Accounts, writing out plans for a client with a marker on a dry erase board

That all goes into that ultimate end goal of keeping your projects on track, placing your clients’ needs first, and making sure that everyone involved stays as informed as possible every step of the way. Sound like a lot to juggle? Well, it surely can be—but when you’ve got a serious passion for your job, then any challenge is a welcome one. That’s a theme you’ll see in a few of the proceeding articles, all shared by various members of the Blackstone Media Client Services team. Check out their thoughts on everything related to their profession both today and throughout the next 12 months below!

1. 13 Myths about Account Planning
“Short, informative, and 100% accurate. A lot of simple lessons can be learned from this!”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator

2. 10 Business Gifts To Set The Tone For A Successful New Year
“A lighthearted article emphasizing something that we can all hope for in the months to come: a successful 2018! Though I might be a bit late sharing this one at the end of January, some of these ideas are definitely worth keeping in mind when it comes time to celebrate the conclusion of yet another great year. After all, it will be here before any of us know it!”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

3. The complicator’s dilemma
“While the concept of ‘Informed Simplicity’ isn’t applicable to just a client services team, it’s still highly relevant—after all, this is a profession almost entirely based on communication. The author’s statement that ‘a complex world isn’t solved by complex language’ is so very pertinent to me. After all, one has to wonder exactly where this idea that complexity automatically equals intelligence even comes from. It’s hard to say, but I do know one thing for sure: I hate industry jargon. Let’s make 2018 the year it goes away forever.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

4. The No. 1 Secret to Success in Business (and Life)
“The key takeaways from this piece are: never stop learning, and never stop getting better at what you do! In client services, a huge part of the job is talking with all sorts of people within your own company and with your clients. Regardless, every single conversation is a chance to learn something new and improve on your own knowledge and skills. A very inspiring read!”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

5. The 6 Key Traits of Highly Effective Account Managers
“Another brief but very informative article highlighting the key points of account planning. Best practices in any industry might change with time, but the best practices are timeless.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator