October 5, 2018

Content Marketing Trends, Google Search Changes & More

There are some big changes coming to the world of digital marketing, especially for Google Search! From Chrome announcing plans to “kill” the URL,  to advanced machine-learning algorithms predicting which images are most “aesthetically pleasing”, chances are good that the Google of tomorrow will look much different than the Google of today. 

But hey, we’re not complaining…in fact, we can’t wait! Just check out our marketing team’s enthusiasm for these and other topics in the latest edition of Top 5 Fridays!

1. Google wants to change the way we interact with URLs
“It’s crazy to think that features like autofill were nonexistent until Google Chrome implemented them, but that’s how things used to be. I wonder if that’s how we’ll feel 5-10 years from now after Google ‘kills’ the URL – or at least, the URL as we know it today. As this article points out, this won’t be the first time Google’s attempted to redefine the URL, but it sounds like they’re set on trying again. It will be interesting to see what changes happen in the upcoming months.”
-Amber Herndon, Director of Marketing

2. How to Market a Seemingly Boring Industry in a Unique Way That Results in Page Views
“‘Boring’ is a bit harsh, but hey, some industries are just inherently more interesting than others. That’s how it goes. But, in my opinion, that creates a unique and exciting challenge for marketers to create interesting content. There are some really great quotes and examples of real-life work in this article, some of which were quite risky but ultimately paid off.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Specialist

3. Google’s new AI knows which images you’ll like – before you’ve even seen them
“Regardless of how you feel about artificial intelligence, you have to admit – this is pretty crazy. Google has created a machine-learning tool that can intuitively identify images that humans are most likely to find ‘technically good and aesthetically attractive.’ Just another examples of one of the game-changing Google upgrades coming our way.”
-Amber Herndon, Director of Marketing

4. What Does SEO Stand For? SEO Meaning, Definition, Tips, And Best Practices.
“Curious about SEO? Here’s literally everything you need to know from a beginner-level. Internal linking, page authority, backlinks, white hat practices (and black hat tactics to avoid)…the list goes on and on. This is basically an entire college course in one super-effective article.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Specialist

5. 7 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Follow
“Content marketing trends are always changing, and that makes it hard to stay on top of best practices and strategies. The way consumers process information is always shifting, especially when it comes to online content. Whenever we’re writing content, we always try to speak directly to the reader on an individual level, then make a connection between their needs and what our client is offering. Glad to see that pointed out in here along with other great tips.”
-Jordan Daly, Content Architect