August 31, 2018

Content Writing Tips, Social Media Metrics & More

There are so many aspects of digital marketing, no single installment of Top 5 Fridays could ever cover them all. Still, that doesn’t stop our team of SEO specialists, content writing experts, and paid search pros from trying their best!

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This week, you’ll find some more informative pieces related too content writing, SEO trends, and social media metrics. See what Amber, Jordan, Leslie, and Nick had to say about how these trends are changing the digital marketing landscape!

1. Semantic HTML5 for Content Writers – The Essential Guide
“Technical SEO is an important part of content writing and management, so learning as much as you can about it is a great practice—you never know when a few HTML tricks will come in handy. Plus, you won’t have to bother your developers over some simple formatting questions anymore. They’ll appreciate that.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Specialist

2. Alexa, What Is Long-Tail Marketing And Why Does It Matter?
“We’ve been paying close attention to the ways voice search is affecting SEO, especially in regards to long-tail keywords. This piece has a lot of insights on that topic, which you shouldn’t ignore if you want to stay agile and competitive.”
-Leslie Radcliff, Search Marketing Specialist

3. The Case for Creative Storytelling
“Studies repeatedly show that online readers don’t have especially lengthy attention spans (one recent article estimated an average of eight seconds). However, that doesn’t mean you should start chopping up all your posts just for the sake of brevity. Instead, it means you should put more thought into finding creative ways to present your content. At the end of the day, engagement isn’t so much about the actual length as it is about convincing your readers that your brand stories are worth their time.”
-Jordan Daly, Content Architect

4. Essential & Easy Social Media Metrics You Should Be Measuring Right Now
“Other than bragging right, there’s really no inherent value in your number of followers. The real value comes from the metrics you measure and your interpretation of them. So, depending on your business goals, you could find value anywhere! This is a good guide for figuring out where to start.”
-Amber Herndon, Director of Marketing

5. A 10-step Checklist for Creating Killer Content
“This is a great piece on content marketing, especially on how to connect with your audience. I love the line about how important it is to make sure you don’t start talking to yourself instead of your audience. That’s such an easy trap for writers to fall into, so maintaining that perspective is so crucial.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Specialist