June 1, 2018

Digital Design: Learning From Video Games, Embracing ‘Bad’ Ideas & More

As usual, our Digital Design team came through with another awesome collection of industry-related articles for Top 5 Fridays. From tackling “design failure,” to learning to love your “bad” ideas, to finding unexpected inspiration from video games, there’s a wide variety of topics that were touched on this week.

Behind-the-shoulder shot of Blackstone Digital Designer Ben Stone working on a design to create optimal user experiences for a client website

So, without further adieu…check out what out what Maggie, Lindsey, and Ben had to share in the latest Design Top 5!

1. Understanding UX Vocabulary [5 terms that will change the way you create a digital experience for your clients]
“This is a nice little article/glossary for a quick review or even a high-level introduction to the digital design field.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer

2. Learn to Love Your Bad Ideas
“I found this interesting because it focuses on a process that isn’t often discussed in this sort of content: the step-by-step process of creating and dealing with ‘ugly’ designs. It’s an interesting approach to the idea of creative ‘failure’ and nicely highlights how to overcome that fear and hopefully make something even better in the end.”
-Lindsey Maymon, Digital Designer

3. Frank Chimero: What Screens Want
“Read this over the weekend. It’s an older article (2013), but the way it talks about trends is still super applicable today.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer

4. What Game UX Can Teach Us About Product Design
“This discusses how digital designers can leverage some of the more popular video game concepts by adopting a more game-oriented sort of mindset, which could ultimately result in better and more engaging products/experiences. It’s an interesting perspective/idea, especially for anyone who’s interested in such things.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

5. 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)
“This article isn’t really targeted at UI Designers – it’s more for UX designers and developers that want to boost their design chops. But it’s kinda hilarious and has good tips.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer