September 7, 2018

Digital Design Tips for SEO, Wireframing & More

Digital design is a highly collaborative process, and that’s definitely a good thing. After all, there are always new strategies, tactics, and trends to keep up with. Having a solid team to keep you up to date with these changes definitely helps.

Overhead view of a man's hands typing on his MacBook while seated at a wooden desk.

For all intents and purposes, you can think of our Digital Design Team as your own personal guides for keeping up with these industry trends…well, at least once a month when it’s their turn for Top 5 Fridays! So, come check out this week’s digital design tips on wireframing, SEO, visual design, and more!

1. Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018
“Almost everything you put on your site affects your SEO, so that’s something designers always need to be more aware of. 2018 might be nearing its end, but I feel like most of these pointers will be relevant throughout the year to come.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer

2. You Can’t Just Draw Purple People and Call it Diversity
“A great article covering an important subject in a mature, straightforward, and comprehensive manner.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

3. How to test a wireframe on users
“Wireframes are key parts of the design process. They also save us who knows how much time on potential redesigns each year. I thought this was an interesting spin on the wireframing process, especially since we’re so reliant on user testing to guide our decisions already.”
-Lindsey Maymon, Digital Designer

4. How to Test Visual Design
“Fonts, colors, and images – these visual details encompass MOST of what you need to pay the closest attention to as a designer. Here are some neat ways you can do that, some of which are admittedly more time-consuming than others. Still worth it though.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

5. A Guide to Combining Fonts
“Good article with some great data, PLUS this one has a fun flowchart!”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer