April 6, 2018

Effective Client Service, Enhancing Customer Relationships & More

In an industry as fast-paced and full of change as Client Services, it’s absolutely necessary to stay on top of things. That can involve changing habits to foster a better work/life balance, finding new ways to build more meaningful relationships with your clients, or any number of other practices that can eventually lead to more effective client service.

Blackstone Media Client coordinator typing on her MacBook

All of these topics and more are covered in this week’s selection of Top 5 Fridays articles, brought to you once again by the Blackstone Media Client Services team! Check out what they had to say.

1. 12 Simple Habits That Will Make Your Professional Life and Personal Life Better
“In the agency world, we tend to stay really, really busy…it just kind of comes with the territory! But still, finding a decent balance between your work and your free time is so important to long-term success. The rules outlined here definitely apply to those of us in the client service profession, but they’re also applicable to so many others, as well. It’s so critical to emphasize and manage your own happiness because it directly impacts your work and, most importantly, the experience you provide your clients!”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

2. My Essential Guide to Effective Client Service
“A great overview of the client services industry for those who might not know all that much about the client services industry. This piece contains plenty of insights, tips, and inspiring quotes, as well as helpful information to help others understand what precisely this job entails (or at least a good portion of it).”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

3. A day in the life of… Head of Client Services at an ecommerce agency
“I liked the setup of this interview because it really showed just how many parallels there are for professionals working in client services, no matter what their industry is. It was really surprising to see what this Head of Client Services at an ecommerce agency had to say about his day-to-day work assignments: juggling multiple tasks, finding creative ways to manage unexpected challenges, staying available via Slack or email at all hours to maintain relationships… a lot of it definitely sounds familiar!”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Client Coordinator

4. #AgencyGrowth: 7 Podcasts Every Agency Owner Needs To Subscribe To
“I’ve noticed a lot of Blackstonians are huge podcast buffs, though Ben probably takes the cake. I guess that’s all an influence on me since I’ve recently been trying to up my own podcast game, especially when it comes to work-related content that can improve my knowledge and skills. This is a great compilation of podcasts related to the agency world, whether from a creativity angle, a more general productivity angle, or a more niche marketing angle.”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

5. Beyond the Business Card: How to Build Lasting Client Relationships
“Potential clients meet dozens and dozens of people at every networking event they attend, so simply handing out a business card isn’t really enough to stand out from the pack anymore. I like this author’s idea of building more dynamic relationships by focusing on ‘empathetic, memorable touchpoints’ such as hosting exciting events, offering unique experiences, and thinking of your clients not as your customers, but as your partners. That last point is especially essential for maintaining successful relationships.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Client Coordinator