April 12, 2018

Guide To Boosting Brand Awareness Through Social Media Engagement, Pt. 2

In the last post, we started to discuss how to effectively build your brand through strategic social media initiatives. In fact, content creation and management now claim the second-largest share of digital marketing budgets, and many are centered around social media. However, there are plenty more ways to boost company branding by executing all social media initiatives with critical thinking. Here’s part two of our guide that will explore some more ways to boost brand awareness through social media initiatives.

Emphasize Engagement

We mentioned in the last post that asking questions to your audience is an effective brand-building strategy, and it’s because it’s a major part of engaging your audience in general. Customers are naturally drawn to brands that post frequently on social media and strive to start an ongoing dialogue with their valued customers. Any efforts you can take to be as social as possible will surely help to maximize audience engagement through likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc.

Social media experts and users agree: when you make a genuine effort to connect with your audience, social media users will take note. While scheduled tweets and auto posts can be an important part of your strategy, real-time interaction is important, too!

“No matter which social media platform you’re using, remember the fundamental tenet of social media: Be social. To create a brand following and loyal audience, you need to interact. Do this with “Likes,” shares, and reposts to show your audience that you find what they’re saying valuable. If you appreciate them, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate,” writes Chad Edmonds on AddThis.

Consider Offering A Risk-Free Sample or Demo

Finally, you’ve probably seen ads on your social media pages for companies offering free demos of their products. This is an effective brand building strategy simply because it demonstrates the confidence that the company has in its products and services. It helps customers to perceive your company as one that truly cares about the quality of the products and services it provides as well as the overall satisfaction of past, present, and future customers.

About 50% of companies are using digital marketing but don’t actually have a plan to succeed or measure ROI. Taking the time to think about major online marketing strategies like social media and how they relate to your company’s overall brand building goals can help you determine which of these tactics will provide the most success. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Louisville web optimization services for a personalized look into how your company can digitally improve. For more information about Louisville web optimization services, contact Blackstone Media.