September 29, 2017

How Rebranding Can Help You Expand Your Audience and Marketing Capabilities

In the age of online marketing and constant digital advancements in the business world, it can be easy to feel out of touch with your expanding audience. However, expanding your brand and building brand awareness among newer generations is easier than you might think.

Effective online marketing, SEO, and strong web design are all important for maintaining your business’ marketing success. Yet it’s brand management, specifically rebranding, that holds the true key to expanding your business. Your brand is what your audience knows you by and what reflects who you are and what you do.

The following reasons are why your business will not only benefit but will also exceed your marketing expectations with rebranding.

Keep your company with the times
The branding style you had years ago when the company was first being created isn’t the branding style that’s popular now. Granted, retro may be chic but only after so many years.

Trends in graphic design have a direct impact on how your audience sees your business, especially newer generations. By rebranding, you can guarantee your business never becomes obsolete in the minds of your customers as your graphics remain relevant and modern.

An outdated visual digital presence could also foster a negative perception about your brand within the minds of your consumers. An old, clunky website interface, for example, might leave users with the impression that your organization is slow to adapt, lacks resources for proper marketing, or maybe even no longer in existence. The decision that a user makes to engage with a brand is often influenced by their own subconscious and you don’t want them to unknowingly write you off because your online marketing doesn’t meet current digital expectations.

Online marketing is just one example of how staying up to date with modern design trends helps you stay connected with your audience. Web design that resembles the 1990s is less likely to hold a modern audience’s attention let alone their interest.

Connect with a wider audience
Rebranding using modern design connects you to your current audience as well as newer, younger potential customers. Younger audiences are aware of the current design trends even if they’re not consciously aware of it. Their expectations are much different than those of previous generations that didn’t grow up in a digitally dominated branding landscape.

Rebranding also gives you a chance to show your current and new audience your current company values and culture. Odds are your current brand reflects a time when your business held other values near and dear to its heart. But just as socially acceptable values evolve, so do companies. So should your company brand.

Up to 46% of users report that a website’s design is what they use to determine a company’s credibility. Rebranding is a strategic and design-driven way to promoting web development and marketing success. If you’re considering rebranding for your business, contact the Blackstone Media SEO and digital branding specialists today for more information.