August 4, 2017

Improving Your Copywriting, Optimizing Social Posts & More!

From week to week, there’s always something new going on in the world of digital marketing. But for Blackstone Media’s marketing team, that’s the exciting part! After all, there’s something intriguing about an industry where nothing ever stays the same for long. Plus, when there are always new things to learn and new tools to master, nothing really has the chance to get old. It works out pretty well, if you ask us.

Black Samsung displaying various marketing reporting metrics, an essential tool for monitoring campaign performance and knowing which keywords to target while copywriting.

So, if you’re curious what’s been going on in the world of digital marketing as of late, you’ve come to the right place. Our marketing team took a moment to share their thoughts on five different digital marketing topics that have been front of mind recently. Check it out!

1. 6 ways to improve your B2B copywriting skills (with winning examples)
“It’s not uncommon to see b2b websites with a tone and copywriting style that is a bit more traditional or formal than modern day best practices. I think at some point in the past businesses began thinking that selling to other businesses meant speaking/writing in a more formal business tone. But what is often overlooked, whether or not our products are for a business or for a consumer, is there is an actual person reading that content. A person (not a dehumanized entity or large building wearing slacks and tie) who is expecting a skimmable version and in a normal, conversational tone. I think this article does a great job of detailing the importance of copywriting for a person, not an empty suit. It features some solid tips for writing more effectively on a b2b website.”
-Jordan Daly, Content Architect

2. The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach & How to Outsmart the Algorithm
“A well-written article that promptly addresses the question many marketers have had on their minds the past few years (i.e., ‘Why isn’t my organic Facebook content reaching as many people as it used to?’). It’s also got a really fascinating overview of the Facebook News Feed algorithm (which is something I’ve wondered about over the years). But the real reason we’re all here is for the nine pointers discussing how to improve organic Facebook reach.”
-Leslie Radcliff, Search Marketing Specialist

3. Stop Making This Google Search Console Position Mistake
“The article itself admits that this is pretty dense material, but that’s okay because it’s still super important information for digital marketers to know. Which is why I shared it with the team as soon as I found it. Fortunately, it also has a TL;DR version at the bottom.”
-Amber Windell, Director of Marketing

4. The Role Of Social Media In Film Marketing
“I’m constantly fascinated by the endlessly creative ways that people think to use social media for promotional purposes. It really has revolutionized the marketing industry, and it’s easy to forget the true extent of that. I think the film industry is one of the most striking reminders, and with good reason: You’ve got a lot of creative people to begin with, so when it comes to pushing boundaries and trying new things, it only makes sense that this would be where it’s happening. Of course, it doesn’t always work, but when it does, you always know…because everyone on your newsfeed is going to share it.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Specialist

5. 8 Writing Tools for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post
“We love Hootsuite here, so any time they post a blog that seems relevant to anything we do, I jump on the chance to share it. There are some interesting tools listed here that sound like they could be really useful, and I had never even heard of most of them before this! Definitely worth checking out if you do a lot of online writing like we do.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator