August 24, 2018

Leadership Philosophies, Productivity Habits & More

Leadership philosophies vary from company to company, but there are some ideologies that are just universal. From obtaining a better work-life balance to increasing overall workforce productivity, here are all the themes the Blackstone Media Leadership Team touched on for this week’s Top 5 Fridays.

Side angle view of a pair of hands typing on an open white MacBook

1. Why Entrepreneurs Start Companies Rather Than Join Them
“Some interesting theories as to why certain types of people are so drawn to a life of entrepreneurship. Pretty intensive stuff, but worth a skim.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

2. 3 Lessons That Will Transform Your Leadership Philosophy
“The most important part of leadership is the commitment to your team. At the end of the day, that’s what really counts, both on the clock and off, in good times and bad. When you have that sort of dedication it shows, and your team will only be more inspired because of it.”
-Amber Herndon, Director of Marketing

3. The Big Question: What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to You?
“By this point, everybody knows that happy employees = productive employees. At Blackstone, we’ve got a big mix of people with all types of hobbies and outside passions, so finding a good work-life balance is something that’s very important. However, when you’re working at a super busy digital agency, we realize that’s not always possible – but it’s ALWAYS worth striving for!”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

4. 7 Productivity Habits That Will Make You A More Helpful Person
“Lots of great quotes here. For starters, ‘A lot of people confuse being busy with being productive.’ Then, ‘There’s an art to productivity, and if you look at it from the perspective of how you can be helpful to others, you’ll find it can be very rewarding.’ From a leadership perspective, you couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s all about the collaboration!”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

5. The Leader’s Calendar
“Killer HBR piece via @stevenhuey on how public CEO’s spend their time. ‘On average, the leaders in our study had 37 meetings of assorted lengths in any given week and spent 72% of their total work time in meetings.’ Great insights.”
-Taylor Trusty, CEO (from Twitter: @ttrusty)