July 28, 2017

Model Changes in Client Services, Improving Written Communication & More!

To succeed in the client services industry, you have to be an efficient solver of problems, competent delegator of tasks, and proficient communicator of information. In short, you just need to know how to get things done – but you have to do so while making sure everyone’s happy, of course!

Man holding up a blank tablet

There’s no doubt that client coordinators wear many different hats on a daily basis. Still, from account planning to relationship management, the end goal is always the same: client satisfaction. With that in mind, Blackstone Media’s client services team has compiled another list of articles covering different aspects of their industry. They’ve also provided commentary on how each article applies to what they do here at the office. Check it out!

1. Do You Know What to Charge Your Customers? The Rules Are Changing
“This piece features a great quote regarding that delicate art of setting the right price: ‘The first price is very important because it frames the product or service’s value and worth and also sticks in consumers’ minds.’ Needless to say, that’s a very important part of the process when it comes to starting things off right with engagements here at Blackstone.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

2. Five Simple Tips for Improving Tone in Written Communication
“Crafting just the right communication to a client is critical. Sometimes it’s finding that right word to mitigate a panicked response, but it’s always about curating the relationship and being as precise and clear as possible. All five of the tips in this article are fantastic…which is hard for me to admit, because I abhor the exclamation point (#3). Still, enthusiasm is contagious, and in our emoji and email-driven world, punctuation has taken on even greater importance. Exclamation point.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

3. 5 Ways Your Agency Can Improve the Client Experience
“The author writes, ‘It’s a well-known fact that acquiring new clients costs more than growing business opportunities with repeat clients.’ That’s a great quote because it echoes the sentiment here at the Blackstone Media office. Of course, we’re always pushing for both new and repeat business, but to keep our current clients satisfied is the ultimate goal.”
–Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator

4. The Model Change in Client Services
“This is a great article explaining how account management has changed over the years, how some dynamics of advertising have made it hard for them to succeed because of the other jobs that are coming in, but in other ways it is still a very strong presence in advertising.”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

5. How to Use Deliberate Practice to Reach the Top 1% of Your Field
“This is not specific to Client Services, but I loved this article through and through. I certainly apply this mindset to client services these days, be it on the relationship or project management side of things. The article outlines the difference between naive practice, purposeful practice, and deliberate practice in becoming the best at what you do. Intelligent advice for anyone interested in bettering themselves at…anything, actually.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts