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Your brand represents the absolute essence of your professional existence. It stretches beyond any one marketing strategy or campaign you have embarked upon to encompass the most fundamental components of your company culture. Your brand resonates with your consumer; it’s what they love and relate to. It impacts how they feel afterwards and how they’ll remember your company indefinitely. Yeah…it’s kind of a big deal.

Blackstone offers an ever-expanding array of comprehensive branding services on par with those offered by any full-time Louisville or NYC branding agency, but with the added insight and innovation that only a versatile team of designers, writers, marketers and developers like Blackstone’s can provide. Here are just some of the ways that Blackstone can take your brand to the next level:

Brand Design & Strategy
Successful brands don’t just happen. In reality, there’s always an underlying purpose behind even the most unassuming aspects of every enduring brand. Smart companies know that they need a brand image that is not only appealing to their target demographic, but representative of their overarching purpose and values. Every day at Blackstone, we help our partners realize their company vision through intensive research and execution, and if they don’t quite know what that particular vision looks like yet, we help them them see it.

Creative Elements
After the research is finished and a viable brand vision has been discovered, it’s time to start making that vision actionable. The potential creative elements at play are extensive, encompassing everything from logo design to typography, and imagery to color schemes, all of which must be reflective of your company’s mission and brand vision. As if that weren’t enough, many of these visual components will be your audience’s first brand impression. As such, each is exhaustively evaluated to ensure that they know exactly what you’re about from the moment they see your company colors to the point of conversion.

Web & Graphic Design
Since Blackstone is first and foremost a digital branding agency, it should come as little surprise how much emphasis we put on brand-centric web design. We approach this as an extension of your brand’s creative elements, which means that when our digital designers get to work on building a new site or online experience, brand consistency and tone go hand-in-hand with streamlined UX and other best practices to ensure that your company’s online experience is not only exceptional but 100% in accordance with your long-term goals and mission.

Brand Storytelling & Messaging
Brand storytelling is a decades-old concept, and that’s because it works, especially when it comes to differentiating your brand from dozens of competitors. Like the best pieces of creative fiction, brand storytelling should be approached as a tool for maintaining a dynamic relationship with your audience. It’s not just another advertising approach; rather, it’s a unique, emotionally-driven opportunity to allow powerful personalities, likeable characters, or relatable situations reflect the most endearing aspects of your brand. 

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