January 5, 2018

Project Management, Client Relationships & More!

2018 is here and the Blackstone Media team is ready for another 12 months of growth! Our project management / client services team experienced a particularly busy month in December (though the development and content team was right there alongside them), and everyone in the office is looking forward to the upcoming year with equal parts excitement and anticipation.

A hand with a market writing the words "design," "develop," "analyse," and "evaluate" in a circle around the bolded word Project Management

Brand new opportunities await while existing relationships have the chance to flourish, so there’s no shortage of work to be done and opportunities to be found. Here, our client services team reflects on the momentous year that was, while taking away key lessons for the year to come!

1. The Best of Aaker on Brands – 2017 Blog Recap
“One of my favorite industry writers recaps his top pieces from the year that just left us. If you took half of an afternoon to read all of these, it would basically be on par with a steep academic dive into modern business strategy. Definitely worth checking out, as are any of the insightful pieces that Aaker puts out.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

2. How to Become a Successful Project Manager | TeamGantt
“These past few months have been extremely fast-paced for our team, and it’s been an exciting challenge keeping up with all the moving parts. As a result, the term ‘project management’ has been getting a lot of emphasis from me lately, so I’ve decided to share some pieces that resonated the most based on that subject. This is a great starting place, and if you really love it, you can read the other 10 chapters too!”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

3. Are You Client-Focused, Or A Client Vulture?
“An interesting article that argues that client services are often not performed for the benefit of the client but for the seller. That means the true goal gets obscured, and many times clients can become disenchanted due to this backwards approach. This industry is about transparency, and this approach is in many ways the polar opposite of that. That’s what I found so interesting about this piece: it discusses that common mistake while offering practical solutions to getting around it.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator

4. The 6-Step Guide to Customer-Centric Project Management
“My second project management article following a busy month of…project management! The lessons learned from that fast-paced time period will be unforgettable! Even more than before, I learned that client services really is all about carefully managing the day-to-day aspects of a project to meet your promised performance goals. Thar involves a lot of last-minute adapting, on-the-fly thinking, and lots of late hours from various team members…but that’s what it takes to be a truly client-centric agency! This past month really made me proud of our team’s dedication, and the hard work is definitely paying off.”
-Jordan Mason, Client Coordinator

5. 3 Tips To Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships
“The path towards becoming a trusted partner isn’t always set in stone. Like any other industry, there are writers and advocates of many different methods, each one promising that their way is the best if you want to become a true master of your subject. It can be divisise. But then, there are those general rules that are prevalent throughout entire industries, and these simple truths are the ones we often forget about. Sometimes a simple truth is a nice reminder when you’re working in a complex field.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator