April 27, 2018

Site Redesigns, Effective Navigation & More

Digital design trends come and go faster than most people can possibly keep up with. That can lead to a number of issues, especially since digital design teams often act as the creative heart of most digital agencies. Fortunately, Blackstone’s designers have no reservations about seeking and sharing new knowledge at all hours of the day…or the night!

A Blackstone digital designer looking at various design ideas spread across a whiteboard

Indeed, Ben, Maggie, and Lindsey are constantly posting or sharing new articles, blogs, and various other findings related to their profession to help educate themselves and other team members on the intricacies of their field. Check out the latest pieces they chose to share in the latest edition of our design team’s Top 5 Fridays!

1. Illustration Identities Are Our Thing
“An informative overview of Putnam Studio’s five-step process to creating effective illustration identities. There are a lot of parallels between their approach and our own, but there are also some interesting differences as well. It’s always fascinating to compare and contrast the differences between someone else’s processes and your own, especially when those processes can be as insanely intensive as creating illustration identities.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

2. Why Consider a Website Redesign – Tips and Recommendations
“If I had to answer the question of why consistent site redesigns are so important, my responses would be: 1, because UX trends change all the time, and 2, because brands and companies change all the time. Websites that were designed as recently as 2014, 2015, and even 2016 are already starting to look archaic and ugly, and that’s why continuous maintenance and upkeep is so essential. Even if users don’t consciously recognize it, there’s nothing as immediately off-putting as a site that shows its age right off the bat. The solution? Site redesigns!”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer

3. Here’s everything I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer.
“A comprehensive article featuring a helpful collection of related articles to skim through. I love this writer’s style; it’s very straightforward and informative, but also engaging on a storyteller-like level. Any digital designer could benefit from reading this, even if it does contain some slightly controversial opinions on animations (just look at those comments!).”
-Lindsey Maymon, Digital Designer

4. Seven principles of effective digital navigation
“Straightforward, helpful, and extremely to the point – just the way blogs should be! Here, Gerry McGovern breaks down his seven principles (which, by the way, are Momentum, Unity, Twins, Minimalism, Clarity, Fidelity, and Magnetism) very clearly and with great detail. However, he never gets bogged down in confusing or extraneous details; just great, helpful examples and insights. I was very happy to share this piece with the team.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

5. The Starbucks Logo Has A Secret You’ve Never Noticed
“Excuse the clickbait-y title, but I absolutely loved this piece! It’s a great case study on that ubiquitous Siren on the side of all those coffee cups. More so than anything, this article really reminded me how crazy it is that some design elements can seem so obvious only after they’re pointed out to you – like how the intentional asymmetry of the Siren’s overall design is so blatant yet unnoticable.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer