June 8, 2018

Some Developer Humor, a Few GDPR Considerations & More

There’s no question that our Development Team’s the backbone of pretty much every project we take on. It’s a tight-knit group that works closely together to get things done as efficiently as possible, while also working just as closely with the members of our other teams. Whether it’s with our marketing, design, or client services people, our programming wizards are always bouncing around ideas, suggesting areas for improvement, and finding innovative new ways to make processes and products even better.

Close-up shot of a pair of hands typing at a laptop keyboard, with different lines of code displayed on the screen.

In addition, our developers are never short of new articles when it’s their turn for some Top 5 Fridays. So, once again, we’ve collected some of the most interesting pieces that they’ve shared throughout the past week, all presented with some additional comments on what made them so share-worthy to begin with. From the GDPR to light-hearted puns, there’s a little bit of everything. Check it out.

1. What You Should Know About Privacy That Will Help Consumers Trust Your Brand
“Very topical considering how we’ve all been receiving countless ‘We’re updating our privacy policy’ emails over he past few weeks (thanks, GDPR!). But seriously, this article shows an interesting side to the whole ‘data protection’ argument since, according to Forbes’ source, 80% of consumers actually DON’T mind if brands are using info they’ve directly shared to create more personalized messages…BUT, they still want more transparency about how their data’s being collected and used, and that’s definitely something in line with the overarching goals of the GDPR.”
-Eric Brown, Front-end Developer & Operations Specialist

2. JavaScript SEO – How To Crawl JavaScript, AJAX, SPAs & PWAs | Screaming Frog
“I was thinking how this tool has the potential to be useful for a large variety of things. It appears similar to Google’s Fetch & Render, but with possibly even more features. It was definitely something I wanted to share after I found out about it.”
-Scott Powell, Front-end Developer

3. Chromium Blog: A secure web is here to stay
“This came out back in February and I shared it then, but I feel like it’s 100% worth resharing now with the General Data Protection Regulation making all these headlines. The gist is that, for all intents and purposes, HTTPs is no longer an option. Instead, it’s become a must-have for any website/brand looking to maintain a reputable online presence.”
-John Weber, Director of Products

4. Ninjas of Web Development: 30+ CSS Puns That’ll Crack You Up
“Probably the most niche humor you could ever find – exclusively BY and FOR web developers! This is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever shared and I love it.”
-Eric Brown, Front-end Developer & Operations Specialist

5. Apple spotlights developers making a difference ahead of WWDC
“Two things. One: I really want to attend a World Wide Developer Conference one day. Two: this just seems like a really awesome thing for Apple to have done. At the same time, it’s satisfying to see just how far programming has come into the mainstream since the time I first got into it, especially when you look at all these awesome ideas that young people are actually bringing to life with such limited resources.”
-Scott Powell, Front-end Developer