May 4, 2017

Top 5 Fridays: Developer Microinteractions, Web Animation Tools, and More!

It’s a challenge staying up to date in the world of development. Languages evolve (or die), tools get updated (or replaced), and trends go just as fast as they came. As a best practice, it’s wise not to get too attached to anything; after all, you never know what’s going to stick. But experimentation? Well, that’s never a bad idea.

Lines of code on a computer screenWith so much to keep an eye out for, being part of a team that’s willing to collectively find and share knowledge really helps. At Blackstone Media, there are dozens of fingers placed on the industry’s pulse 24/7, constantly checking for new innovations that can make things that much easier. Here, we’ve collected five articles shared by our developers this past week. You’ll find a diverse range of topics, many branching out to subjects beyond just development. If you want an inside look at the high-tech people, places, and things inspiring our team, you’ve come to the right place!

1. 20 Best Web Animation Tools You Should Start Using
“Developers are relying more and more on web animation tools to achieve their goals, and with increasingly advanced options to choose from, why not? But you do want to know what your options are so you can choose discriminately. Not everything on this list is a favorite of mine, but it does show the variety out there.”
-John Weber, Director of Products

2. Microinteractions: Designing with Details
“Microinteractions=details which hold the entire app/website experience together, small moments that help users accomplish tasks.  Needless to say, they’re very important parts of the dev process, despite how trivial they seem. Because everything adds up to the finished product, even the most minor details deserve attention. At least, if you want to create something that’s worth your user’s time.”
-Mark Robison, Front-end Developer

3. Batteries Have Gotten Better, but There’s Still Room for Improvement
“Here is one article I found on the energy crisis. It’s dealing with improving the quality of batteries. They’ve been getting better for decades—but we’ve been demanding more of them. For example, grid batteries could capture solar power while the sun’s shining—and wind power when it’s blowing—for use when we really need it. We’ve come a long way, but there is still a lot more we can do, and ultimately these efforts help everyone from a technology perspective.”
-Calvin Secrest, Dev Ops & QA Strategist

4. CSS in JavaScript: The future of component-based styling
“Applying CSS styles to elements using inline styles is a convenient way to change a page’s visuals, and this is a great step-by-step walkthrough that really illustrates the intuitiveness of that process. Still, whether or not it’s the ‘future’ is open for debate, as it’s not without its disadvantages. But the advantages are definitely worth noting.”
-Tim McKay, Front-end Developer

5. Vue.js Installation
“I just thought this provided a pretty cool educational experience and decided to share it with the team earlier this week. I just like sharing things that I find particularly interesting or informative to help the team learn and refine their skills or discover new ones.”
-Pranay Aryal, Developer