October 6, 2017

Top 5 Fridays: Manufacturing Day Special!

We’re proud of the friendships we’ve developed and the work we’ve done with our many partners in the manufacturing industry throughout the years. In recognition of that, we decided to try something a little different for this week’s Top 5 Fridays.

A large, busy manufacturing factory full of machinery and metal

Since today just so happens to be National Manufacturing Day, our various team members came together to share articles related to the manufacturing industry as a whole, then discuss how they all tie into our work here at BSM. There’s no doubt that we’ve learned a lot from our collaborations over the years, and we’re happy to have lent a hand in this dynamic and constantly evolving industry. And if you’re interested in finding out more about National Manufacturing Day, check out the official MFG Day website!

1. Can Social Media Improve Profitability of Your Manufacturing Operations?
“This provides a perfect explanation of how marketing on social media can benefit those in manufacturing, assuming they use it strategically and with clear goals in mind. Over the years, we’ve seen that having a simple way to connect with your audience often makes the difference between a good reputation and a not-so-good one. But for those in the manufacturing industry, there’s even more that this avenue can offer, especially in regards to training, education, and just putting out helpful content that will ultimately bring people back to your goods and services.”
-Nick Watkins, Digital Marketing Strategist

2. SEO on a budget: How a small manufacturer started a program from scratch
“We’ve worked with many clients in the manufacturing industry who have never embarked on any sort of digital campaign. With a limited budget, search engine optimization (SEO) is often the natural place to begin because it involves new content creation, site architecture, website analytics and reporting, keyword tracking, and all the other elements of a successful online campaign. This article is right in line with how we use our nimbleness to approach new digital marketing engagements, particularly for smaller clients or those new to digital strategies.”
-Jordan Daly, Content Architect

3. Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs Content Marketing
“This touches on points we’ve heard our manufacturing clients bring up in the past, especially with how many have been reluctant to spend digital marketing money in an ‘unglamorous’ industry. But that mindset is exactly why industrial marketing offers such great opportunity: It’s still a largely untapped market! From social media content to paid search to the creation of informative case studies that educate people on your brand, there’s no shortage of ways to create a conversation that increases awareness, humanizes your brand, and gets you seen. All you need is a strategy that’s uniquely tailored to your particular needs and services.”
-Leslie Radcliff, Search Marketing Specialist

4. Industrial Marketing Is Not Consumer Marketing
“The author does a great job highlighting the intricacies of industrial marketing which, as you’ll see, are a lot different than those of traditional consumer marketing. It takes a special understanding of the client and their product to execute effectively, and that includes having a lot of technical knowledge. The typical purchasers in the industrial market are very knowledgeable, and they look at purchases in terms of ROI. That makes the sales process much longer than what many marketers/advertisers are used to, which is all the more reason why having a great client/agency relationship is so important to us.”
-Amber Windell, Director of Marketing

5. Manufacturing FAQs: The workhorse of content and search marketing
“There’s a number of reasons why people should want a modern website. Some of these include a streamlined user experience, improved visibility in search results, and higher conversion rates. For many industries – especially manufacturing – that optimized experience should also include a detailed FAQs section. Just like the writer points out, there’s a ton to gain from the content you include here, and in an industry as complicated as manufacturing, it’s basically a must-have.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator