May 12, 2017

Top 5 Fridays: Overcoming Networking Fears, Asking Clients Better Questions, and More!

At any modern agency, digital or otherwise, you’ll find that the client services team plays a huge role in keeping things on track. It’s a lot of responsibility to make sure that projects are always moving along smoothly so deadlines are met, but someone’s got to do it! Clear and efficient communication skills definitely help with every aspect of the job, from relaying client updates to keeping meetings on topic. There’s a lot to do, no doubt, but at least it never gets repetitive!

Close-up shot of a dark-suited man gesturing with his hand at a table, potentially towards clients or employees.At Blackstone Media, we encourage all of our team members to stay up to date with the latest happenings in their fields. In an industry as broad as client services, there’s never a shortage of new things to learn. Here, we’ve collected five articles that were shared by the members of our client services team this past week. They did a great job covering many disparate topics, which really showcases the diversity and complexity of the profession. Check it out!

1. Killer Questions that don’t get asked enough in meetings
“The author is correct – asking ‘killer’ questions should be a part of every meeting. Why? Because asking these cuts through the clutter and gets straight to the heart of a client’s needs. Sure, this article focuses more on brand-specific objectives, but the example questions can be applied universally to any business scenario. So, at your next meeting, consider asking things like: What or who is the brand/project/etc. for? What’s the objective? What problem are we trying to solve? They’re all surprisingly simple, but they really get to the root of what needs to be accomplished.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

2. Learn to Love Networking
“There’s a handful of people who genuinely love networking. Others enjoy it, but only sometimes. Then, there are those who outright hate it, but they continue to do it out of necessity. Not everyone is lucky enough to fall into the first category, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is doomed to eternally go through the motions. Like so many other obstacles in life (professional or otherwise), the challenge of networking can be overcome by finding the right mindset that helps you see the value in it.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer

3. Are You Guilty of These 6 Social Customer Care Blunders?
“A good article for client services issues all around. For us, client satisfaction is the same thing as customer care.”
-Kirsten Weinsheimer, Administrative Coordinator

4. Are You Solving a Problem or Managing a Dilemma?
“Important takeaway: ‘Not all the challenges we face in life and business are problems that can be solved.’ A bit disheartening, yes, but it’s the reality of things. Every day, we’re faced with new dilemmas, problems that can’t be solved but can be managed. More often than many would care to admit, we don’t have a bona fide solution to these problems. Quite frequently, that’s because there isn’t one. Still, we can always find a way to manage.”
-Travis Triplett, Director of Accounts

5. Getting to “Us”
“An interesting take on the classic ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ dichotomy. Research over the years shows that people subconsciously apply this sort of thinking all the time in their professional lives. It’s also shown that whenever there is an ‘us’-oriented mindset in the workplace, it benefits everyone. It fosters a sense of community. That’s because having a team dedicated to accomplishing the same goals is extremely reaffirming and motivating, especially when the value of those accomplishing those goals has been made clear.”
-Rebecca Brady, Chief Operating Officer