May 16, 2018

Toyota Forklift Rolls Out Online Hand Pallet Truck Sales with help from Blackstone Media

Louisville, Ky — Blackstone Media is proud to announce their launch of an eCommerce website for Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A (TMHU). TMHU, the No.1 forklift manufacturer in North America, began selling hand pallet trucks (HPT) online in the first quarter of this year. TMHU has launched the site to meet the evolving needs of customers who prefer to interact and transact online. HPT eCommerce is the company’s first step in building a complete eCommerce experience to support TMHU forklift customers.

ecommerce manufacturing website

HPT eCommerce is the continuation of a close working relationship founded between the companies in 2015 when TMHU turned to Blackstone for the redesign of the toyotaforklift.com website. With aggressive goals of enhancing the user experience and increasing leads, the new website has experienced a 250% increase in traffic and a 367% increase in leads since its 2015 launch. In 2016, 
TMHU again worked with Blackstone to build-out dealer subsites for their North American affiliates. After the success of the toyotaforklift.com website and the North America dealer subsites, TMHU, Blackstone, and additional partner, Deloitte Digital, began building a website for TMHU’s first foray into eCommerce.

“I am continually impressed with Blackstone’s professionalism, wealth of knowledge, skill, research and their ability to take simple thoughts and ideas and turn them into clear, concise web solutions. Ultimately, Blackstone built us industry-leading digital tools to match our industry-leading brand,” said Nick Ostergaard, TMHU Marketing Systems & eCommerce Manager. “This new eCommerce website is the first step for our teams to provide material handling solutions in an eCommerce environment,” said Steve Tadd, TMHU director of marketing and information technology. “The HPT online offering is a great opportunity to work alongside dealers to provide our customers with the products they need in a channel that is easy to use and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

“Our longtime web partner, Blackstone Media, managed the entire user interface while another longtime partner and industry leader, Deloitte, developed capabilities in Hybris to support our desired user experience,” Tadd said.

To shop for Toyota Hand Pallet Trucks online, visit ToyotaForklift.com/shop.