From Bare to Brilliant with Blackstone

Multi-level branding and new website for a global leader in Louisville’s backyard

From Bare to Brilliant with Blackstone

Multi-level branding and new website for a global leader in Louisville’s backyard

Engagement Summary

The Challenge

As the world’s leading manufacturer of American-made sublimatable products, Unisub’s digital brand and presence needed to catch up. Their website wasn’t quite the resource that their distributors needed and its confusing user experience wasn't helping.

Unisub has an exceptional company culture – including many proprietary and environmentally-friendly processes – that just weren’t being showcased enough in the marketplace. They had a great story to tell and were ready to tell it.

To enhance the Unisub brand's recognition and perception, they needed a digital overhaul that would wow their users and a brand refresh to stake their claim as global leaders and industry innovators.

What We Did

  • Updated, Responsive & Intuitive Website
  • Identity Refresh
  • Process & Product Branding
  • Brand, Product & Process Taglines
  • Fully-Integrated Product & Marketing Resource Hub
  • Imagery That Wowed!
  • Product, Process & Website Copywriting
Unisub Brands

Brand Transformation

GOAL: to position Unisub for the awesomeness that they are - a business development resource for current and potential distributors of their products and services. The site’s resources and easy-to-use product customization downloads helped to achieve this.

Users can immediately see the value in Unisub’s products and sublimation process through clear imagery that changes as users interact with products. Blackstone also enhanced their positioning with strategic and consistent brand and product messaging told through colorful imagery and a confident tone.

Empowering Distributors

For Unisub customers, the teams collaborated extensively to ensure the product platform was useful and interactive and that it was easy to navigate and download files. Today, there are approximately 700 various products accessible via the asset library, each with at least four separate files associated. Users can view the items as blanks, fully-printed with graphics and download any files used during the process of previewing and mocking-up potential products. The whole process is seamless and empower distributors to build out their own inventory or show-and-tell with their customers.

Tech Specs

  • Improved Infastructure
  • Inspiring & Intuitive Interface
  • Custom WordPress/CMS Hybrid
  • Enhanced Interactivity
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Explorer-Based File Organization
  • Intelligent Assest Downloads
  • User-Submitted Inspiration Gallery
  • International Distributor Search

Measuring Success

Brains Stormed

Brains Stormed

We have successfully thought all the thinks

Caffeine Consumed

Caffeine Consumed

It's like I can see inside the Matrix...

Post-Its Posted

Post-Its Posted

Over 10,000 – enough to cover an average 4-door sedan

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