February 9, 2018

Web Development Trends: 2017, 2018 & Beyond!

The final months of 2017 definitely kept the members of the Blackstone Media Web Development Team busy—and so far, the early weeks of 2018 are proving to be just as fast-paced. Indeed, it’s been a time of intense collaboration between all the BSM teams, from Marketing to Design to Client Services—but arguably no group has been coming together so often to accomplish so much as the Development Team.

Three members of the Blackstone web development team huddling around the table, with fourth member video calling in to join the meeting

Even in the midst of all this intensive collaboration, the members of the BSM Development Team still found time to share articles that caught their attention throughout the past few weeks. Here, they’ve compiled a handful their favorites, along with some brief summaries of each describing exactly why they were selected.

1. Web Development Trends in 2018
“In this field, trends are always coming and going, which makes it hard to predict which ones are worth spending time on. Still, developers should always be willing to keep up with what’s going so they’re prepared for that ‘next big thing.’ 2018 is looking to be a year that’s full of continuous innovation, but it’s also looking like there might be some interesting returns to early-web simplicity. There’s no denying that user needs are constantly changing with the times, and it’s our responsibility to address them as efficiently as possible.”
-John Weber, Director of Products

2. Developers wanted: 10 Must-have skills to get your resume to stand out of the stack
“A very high-level blog, but one that is very informative for anyone interested in entering into web development. It covers practically all the basic languages, platforms, and frameworks people interested need to know. It also serves as a  good summary for anyone who’s a developer really, regardless of how much they already know.”
-Mark Robison, Front-end Developer

3. The Developer Manifesto
“If we ever needed a new poster…this would win. I want it.”
-Tim McKay, Front-end Architect

4. The Top 66 Developer Resources From 2017
“A painstaking overview of the best developer-produced resources from the past year. It’s amazing how so many of these ideas often stem from pure experimentation, and the fact that they’re often freely shared with others really speaks to the communal aspect of the dev profession. There are a lot of links here and a lot to learn from. There’s no way a developer could go through this entire list without finding something worth checking out.
-Scott Powell, Front-end Developer

5. 27 Amazing Web Development Tools for the Past Year (v.2018)
“A fitting follow-up to the article that Scott posted, but it’s a different writer and features a heightened emphasis on comparing and contrasting the resources. Again, there’s plenty to be found here for all developers, regardless of their experience – so long as they take the time to see what all is truly available to them.”
-Eric Brown, Front-end Developer