July 13, 2018

Web Fonts, Embarrassing 90s Designs & More!

It’s been another super busy week at the Blackstone office, but even with all the meetings and oncoming deadlines, our dedicated Digital Design tribe was still able to pull together another collection of informative, interesting, and just flat-out embarrassing articles related to designs in general (you can skip on down to article number two if you’re interested in that “embarrassing” one!).

BSM designers Maggie O'Connor and Lindsey Maymon playing Jenga during a break from working on their designs.

As always, we’ve compiled five of those articles that we liked the best right here for your reading pleasure. So, wind down your work week by taking a look at some of the big brands, innovative ideas, and relics from the past that have been inspiring (or cracking up) Maggie, Ben, and Lindsey lately!

1. Airbnb Cereal – Home
“This is so nice! They launched a whole site to talk about their new font, and it’s interactive and informative. I think I have a design crush on Airbnb.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer

2. Ten 90s websites designs you won’t believe existed – UX Planet
“The title basically says it all. This is hilarious…but also weirdly engaging once you start going through the list. Also, that #2 gives me SUPER bad anxiety.”
-Lindsey Maymon, Digital Designer

3. RFPs: A Field Guide for UX Designers
“This is definitely more from a designer’s perspective, but there are some more general RFP tips for everybody up in here, too”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designers

4. Fonty: the new way for testing web fonts
“Found this neat, easy-to-use tool for testing different font styles. And I love it.”
-Ben Stone, Digital Designer

5. Lessons Learned from Peloton’s Email Team – Really Good Emails
“All about Peloton’s engaging emails. They also do a really good job of using the data they actually collect from their bikes and their apps to trigger interesting emails.”
-Maggie O’Connor, Digital Designer