August 11, 2017

Webpack Training Courses, Faster CSS & More!

When it comes to getting better, a developer’s job is never really done. That’s because there are always new things to learn, different techniques to try, and alternate ways to do things. This is perfectly demonstrated in this week’s collection of Top 5 articles, each shared by a member of the Blackstone Media development team for the other members of the Blackstone Media team…and, of course, you, our faithful reader! From experimenting with different publishing platforms to diving headfirst into free webpack training courses, these five pieces/articles perfectly showcase the excitement, diversity, and complexity of the bustling development world.

Side view close up shot of a black laptop displaying lines of CSS code on its screen

Also, be sure to check out the brief bits of commentary our developers left for each piece to see why they were selected!

1. Ghost – The Professional Publishing Platform
“I came across this platform recently, and I’d really just like to dabble with it in some way, even though we have no specific way to fully utilize it at the moment. Perhaps use it for something that doesn’t require anything more than a blog.”
-Tim McKay, Front-end Developer

2. 5 tips for super-fast CSS
“Interesting read. Hopefully we can focus on making some of these common tasks.”
-Mark Robison, Front-end Developer

“In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to understand joins in database—look at the venn diagrams and the queries.”
-Pranay Aryal, Developer

4. My 50 cents about the Webpack vs Gulp vs Grunt vs npm scripts discussion
“This is a VERY short read but pretty useful in the Gulp and/or webpack debate.”
-Tim McKay, Front-end Developer

5. Introducing Webpack Academy: comprehensive webpack training courses
“More Webpack-related content, but free training courses are always worth sharing with friends.”
-Tim McKay, Front-end Developer